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In 1996, we started an oxygen wave that rippled across the planet. By opening the world’s first oxygen bar in Toronto, we created a new global industry, the retail oxygen market. Our mission has been to make the benefits of oxygen easily available to everyone, everywhere. As our oxygen concept developed, so did the understanding of how to make it accessible to the average person. We have evolved from oxygen bar, to oxygen spa equipment, and finally to the perfect oxygen widget: Oxy Bump, small, affordable, and universally beneficial.

The seed for the oxygen supplementation concept was planted when one of the company founders, Shamila Hunter, was reporting a medical news story about a diabetic man facing the frightening possibility of leg amputation. When the doctors could provide no solutions, the would-be-amputee made a last ditch effort to save his leg by undergoing oxygen treatments in a hyperbaric chamber. The treatments worked, allowing him to keep his leg and making for an incredible recovery. She was astounded by the end result and knew that something much bigger was at play with what she had witnessed.

Sharing the story with co-founder, Lissa Charron, they began research and found that both indoor and outdoor air quality had been increasingly compromised, causing low blood oxygen levels and respiratory issues. They recognized the obvious, that we all need oxygen to survive and it is all around us, but were we getting enough? Understanding that athletes and celebrities use supplementation and that it is always the first line of defense in a dire medical situation begged the question: Why does the average person not have access to this vital resource? They unequivocally decided to take on a mission that was far off the beaten path: to bring the healing energy of oxygen to people in an easy, safe way.

They then opened the World’s first oxygen bar in Toronto, Canada. As first to come to market, their oxygen bar provided the purest quality oxygen and exceed medical requirements, as deemed by the Ministry of Health in Canada. The concept garnered worldwide media attention, creating the retail oxygen industry. As market creators, they were featured in People Magazine, USA Today, The NY Post, NY Times, Vogue, Newsweek, Chicago Tribune, Good Morning America, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and many more.

In addition to the oxygen bar, the company began manufacturing portable inhalation units and oxygen therapy baths with the assistance of engineer Frank Hersey, a pioneer in oxygen technology. Hersey was on the breathing air team of NASA’s Apollo Program, and helped develop one of the first oxygen concentrators for home use. Their collaboration led to the production of the finest oxygen equipment made available for spas and private practices.

Looking to expand availability to consumers, they developed the consumable product, Liquid Oxygen Drops. In 2004, they began selling the supplement in high end hotels, such as the Ritz Carlton and St. Regis, and in 12 countries and 17 international airlines for the in-flight duty free. Liquid Oxygen enjoyed much success in helping travelers to fight illness due to recycled air and, as a result, created the Travel Wellness sector in the Duty Free.

In 2010, Oxy Bump Sinus Congestion formulation was developed and sold exclusively on Duty Free, where it quickly became the #1 Natural Nasal Spray in travel retail. This natural oxygenated saline spray is the first of kind, non-addictive, pH balanced, family friendly, and safe for daily use. Intranasal is the most effective method that quickly delivers our proprietary oxygen concentrate so you feel the benefits fast! Due to overwhelming positive feedback, the company decided to rebrand and release into mass market to make the healing benefits of their supplements available to everyone.

In 2014, the company expanded on the Oxy Bump Sinus Congestion formulation and developed a line of oxygen homeopathic sprays for Hay Fever/Allergy, Children’s Cold/Flu, and Sore Throat. All are a powerful infusion of oxygen and homeopathics that are unlike anything else on the market and are made from the finest sourced natural elements of mineral and plant extracts. As with all Oxy Bump products, they are pH balanced and non-addictive and can be used as needed without risk of overuse and have no adverse side-effects. You may find our products online and in Target stores nationwide.

As the retail oxygen experts, Oxy Bump continues to test and develop oxygen supplements that are safe, efficacious and family friendly. We are committed to helping our customers around the planet live happier, healthier lives!

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